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I am, James Allemann, a specialist crop scientist, with a particular interest in weed control. I hold BSc (Agric)(Plant Production), BSc (Agric.)(Honours) (Agronomy), MSc (Agric.) (Weed Science), and PhD (Agronomy) degrees from the University of Pretoria. During my studies and my career to date, I have received 7 academic awards, including academic honorary colours from the University of Pretoria. I have also been honoured by the awarding of a Fellowship of the Southern African Weed Science Society, and the Dave Aneke research award for outstanding research in the field of weed science.


Knowledge from research must be transferred to stakeholders, or it remains no more than an abstract idea. Publications and talks at meetings help in transferring this knowledge. To date I have authored in excess of 30 peer reviewed scientific articles, as well as more than 150 consultancy reports for various stakeholders in the Agricultural Industry. In addition to these written reports, I have delivered more than 75 papers at national conferences, and 34 at international conferences, including 12 invited and 2 keynote presentations. To help in transferring knowledge I have presented numerous talks at farmers days, study groups and formal training sessions for both producers and extension officers. Classes in both crop production and weed control have been presented at university level, and I have presented a number of short courses, as well as lectures on a variety of topics, ranging from hydroponics to weeds.

Allemann & Associates

I offer services in consultation, training and writing on:

  • The production of various field crops, including, but not limited to, maize, wheat, barley, soya beans, dry beans
  • The production of various vegetable crops under field or greenhouse conditions
  • Weeds and weed control problems

When making recommendations, or drawing conclusions from studies, it is necessary to use the latest scientific information to ensure the best possible results.  Modern agriculture has immense challenges in being able to produce food for a rapidly increasing population. My goal is to assist producers, agro-chemical companies and other involved stakeholders to mitigate risks and so support sustainable food production. For example, knowledge about the identification of weeds and their management can make a significant contribution to sustainable crop production and weed control.

My associates include specialists in various fields of crop science, as well as experts from other disciplines such as agricultural economics, entomology, horticulture, plant pathology, plant physiology, and soil science.