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Hydroponics courses

Presented on request Hydroponics, the name given to techniques used to cultivate plants without soil, is a very important technique used to produce high value crops such as vegetables in areas where soils are normally not suitable for crop production. The plants can be grown in an artificial substrate of some sort to provide support, […]

Weed control courses

Presented on request Weeds utilise valuable moisture and nutrients that could better be used by the crop. It is, therefore, crucial that they be managed properly to achieve high yields.  The economic, ecological and sociological consequences of the weed control strategies must be understood in order to effectively manage weeds in cropping situations. It is […]

Crop production courses

Courses can be presented on the production of the following crops: Maize; Wheat; Dry Beans; Soya Beans; Sunflower; Wheat; Barley & Potatoes. Duration: 1 – 2 days (depending on crop & level of detail required)These courses provide information for successful production: Environmental and soil requirement Growth and development of the plant; and how this affects […]