Crop production courses

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Courses can be presented on the production of the following crops: Maize; Wheat; Dry Beans; Soya Beans; Sunflower; Wheat; Barley & Potatoes.

Duration: 1 – 2 days (depending on crop & level of detail required)
These courses provide information for successful production:

  • Environmental and soil requirement

  • Growth and development of the plant; and how this affects production decisions

  • Best production practices, such as fertilisation and weed control

  • Potential pest and disease problems

  • Grading of the product

  • Use of the product

Small grain courses include information on identification of the correct growth stages to apply hormone herbicides such as MCPA to avoid crop damage.

Research methodology

This can be presented as a comprehensive course covering the field of practical research:

  • why we do research

  • tools of research

  • basic statistical tests

  • various trial designs

  • how to pool data

  • transformation of data

  • linear regression

Or, courses covering a specific trial design can be presented:

  • advantages and disadvantages of the design

  • when it should be used

  • how the trial should be constructed

  • data analysis for that design